Personal readings with GiGi

All readings are confidential, and are normally conducted over the telephone at a scheduled date and time. Following the reading, you'll receive by mail a CD recording of the reading and a color copy of your one-of-a-kind Astrology chart! The initial Motivational Astrology reading for each client normally combines a discussion of your personal strengths and potential weaknesses, as shown by your birth chart, with a look at upcoming events over the next 6-12 months, as shown by how the current positions of the planets interact with your birth chart. After the initial reading, it's also possible to arrange extended readings with in-depth coverage of areas such as:

U.S. / International Rates (for ACH payment, Paypal / credit card rates slightly higher):
60 minutes: $100 US for phone reading with mp3 file recording
90 minutes:
$145 US for phone reading with mp3 file recording
60 minutes is the minimum reading length. If you want to discuss other charts as part of your reading (family, friends, etc.) there is an added charge of $10 US per additional chart. In the case of a relationship reading, this charge only applies if more than two charts are involved.

Gift certificates are available, and make a great gift for someone you care about!

Email GiGi at to schedule your reading.