Below are just a few of the hundreds of enthusiastic responses GiGi has received from clients of her Motivational Astrology readings. You can also see the reviews posted by clients on GiGi's KeepLookingUp Facebook page.

Your reading was an amazing time for me! It's pretty incredible to hear someone, on the other side of the planet, that i've never seen, telling me all those accurate things about myself, it's a fantastic feeling of being understood! I feel more peace today, as I learnt a bit more about my true nature... I still have a long way to do though, but thanks to you, I've got more confidence in the direction I'm in...

N.G. – Paris, France

I want to thank you so much for my reading yesterday! It is the best 50th birthday present I could have. I have always struggled with Who am I? My intuitive self dulled by my rational mind. With the confirmation I received from you I can now release the brake on my life and be all that I can be and help others do the same!

A.B. – Wairarapa, New Zealand

What an inspiring, delightful and talented woman you are. You have helped me to see the qualities I have within and that in itself has been so inspiring. Your readings have proven my life's journey many times over and you truly have a very unique and genuine talent. Your positive and delightful personality is what makes your company "Keep Looking Up" the success that it is today. Your support is truly a blessing and I will continue to share your expertise and talents with friends, family and business colleagues.

D.K. – Detroit, U.S.A.

thank you so much!! for giving me hope, thank you for the amazing effort! you went to, and the time you allocated to me. I cant express how much hope for live you have show'n me, I am eternally and forever grateful to you. Love and Respect

B.G. – Invercargill, New Zealand

Thank you Gigi, The reading was facinating and certainly very relevant. The personal traits were spot on for myself and for X. X says he doesn't believe in any of 'that stuff', but I know deep down he does, and when I told him what you had said about him and the rough time he had been through he cried!! Broke my heart. When I told him those planet positions will never happen again in his lifetime he said "Thank God for that!". I will keep you posted as to our journey and of course I will refer you to anyone I think may be interested. It was a wonderful accurate reading and I thank you so much for it.

S.D. – Tanunda, Australia

Thank you for the wonderful readings. I enjoyed both the one you gave to me and to my daughter as they were 'spot on'. My daughter is charged up with her forecast and my opportunities look blissful as well. Your energy in the readings is very uplifting and well received. Thanks again and I am passing along the cards and encouraging others to take advantage of this opportunity to see oneself in a different light. Best wishes,

P.A. – Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Thank you for the reading for my parter and I . The help you have given us both is priceless and we are recommending you to everyone we have contact with. Thank you again Gigi. Big hugs,

S.N. – Nelson, New Zealand

i was blown away with your reading and so glad i had it done. it made so much sense. i will be booking with you soon for my transits reading soon! Thank you again!

G.J – London, England

i would just like to thank you for your astrology reading. i listen to it all the time and it really does motivate me and make me feel good. thanks again!

C.S. – Wellington, New Zealand

My reading with GiGi was targeted, but also uplifting and motivating during a time in my life of great stress. She predicted major changes in my life, including a move to another country, amazing career opportunities opening up, and a definite feeling of greater optimism. Her insights were so accurate that within a month, I indeed had scored job in another country and now, 4 months after the reading, am about to move across the world to take up that job! I highly recommend her for astrological guidance and support!

L.W. – New York City, U.S.A.

That was a fantastic reading that you gave, you are just amazing and so enthusiastic , wow. Your talent is unbelievable so I really appreciate the time and effort that you put into the reading.

A.T. – Auckland, New Zealand

Thank you for yesterday, It really was right on and I couldn't describe myself nearly as well! My visions are in better perspective now, I've been feeling quietly inspired- more focussed and steady and steps have alrady fallen in place for visions this year since our reading yesterday.

A.L. – Chicago, U.S.A.

Heartfelt thanks to you GiGi for such an inspirational, very detailed and factual reading. Your amazing wisdom and understanding has given me some clear goals to work towards. I feel so grateful and blessed that the planets have aligned to help me achieve these goals. I'm still reeling a bit about that!! Your insights regarding the talents/gifts that I have has opened me to begin exploring depths I've never even thought about before let alone believed that they could be mine. So lots of work for me to do, but to have such a clear overview makes it very achievable and also gives me incredible amounts of personal power and confidence to a degree I've never felt before. So once again thanks so much, with people like you in my court I can't help but succeed!!! :-))

P.A. – Wellington, New Zealand

Just wanted to follow up with how things have been since i last had the reading from you. Your impeccable! :) Things turned out to be exactly how you said they would. And that period was hard..very hard in fact! However, having said that, it was good to know that it was just a phase and i just had to have fortitude! And yes, you were was a testing phase! So, all i did was keep in mind all the things you said and it got me through the rough phase!I would also like to compliment on your voice! Its motivating, powerful and calming! Thank you for your help again Gigi!

P.G. – Bangalore, India

thankyou so much for my daughters reading, she couldn't stop talking about it ! It has given her so much more confidence and direction and she was sooooo excited about her year. It means so much to me as a mother to be able to assist my children in this way and they both have appreciated your readings so much Gigi.

D.M. – Nelson, New Zealand

Thank you again for the life affirming and purpose affirming reading you gave us yesterday. You have given us the insight and motivation to go forward on our life's path and we are grateful. I could hardly sleep last night because I was so excited about all the astrological insights you gave us. Talk about someone that is using their gift - YOU!

R. & K. S. – Portland, U.S.A.

I just wanted to say thank you for the reading you did for me in May. You have been right on several aspects already and it's only been one month. You gave me the courage to put myself out there, and get in touch with writing companies even though positions were not being advertised, and I had 3 offers in the same week.

M.H. – Wellington, New Zealand

I would like to thank you for such a wonderful experience. Your interpretation of my chart was spot on and I love having the tapes to refer to whenever I want to. Having the children's charts done as well has given me such insight into their personalities and this has proved invaluable. Your passion for this work comes through so clearly and your support in answering questions after the reading has been very much appreciated.

J.S. – Taupo, New Zealand

I just wanted to say thank you very much indeed for the lovely reading! It really was superb, gave me lots of food for thought and was very motivational and inspiring. I can't wait to see the charts. I will certainly join your facebook page and have already recommended your readings to my friends. I think some birthday gifts are in order.

R.H. – Edinburgh, Scotland

Thank you GiGi,You have given me a lot to think about - it will take me some time to process it all. I have been impressed by the detail of some of your insights. In particular, I was surprised by the information you could read about my childhood experiences and the impact they have had on my life. Thank you very much for your skill and your time. Kind regards,

R.P. – Wellington, New Zealand

I was just going back through my notes on my last reading and a couple of things popped out that I have to share with you. First of all, you said something about home repairs and renovations - in the last two weeks my hot water heater broke and had to be replaced and then an outlet short-circuited and resulted in a costly electrician visit - right at the time you said it would!! And, just this week one of the bathrooms in my home is getting completely renovated. The other interesting thing is you talked about me taking classes and getting more involved in organizations and I have been asked to join this great program called "Ladies Who Launch". I am now finishing the last classes that they give and tomorrow will be part of the "Ladies who Launch" network! I find it constantly amazing how right on target what you say is. I feel so lucky to have you and your wonderful gift's in my life!!! Thank You!

N.M. – New York City, U.S.A.

Thank you, I know that you are one lady who I will keep with me on this journey as your Astrological wisdom and grace continue to bless my life. You have no idea how much your generous nature helps me to stay the coarse, and yes I am massively out of my comfort zone, but with a deep feeling that everything is about to change and be ok, just holding on and having faith for a little longer. So for you to back this up means the absolute world to me. Thank you GiGi - when I get to where I know my purpose is leading me, I know you will be one of the hands that I will be high fiving girl. Thank you so much!

K.N. – Nelson, New Zealand

It was lovely to hear your voice again for my update reading! Once again you have provided such wonderful & energetic reading for me, the 90 mins seems to pass so quickly! I am certainly looking fwd to what 2010 has to bring and shall welcome everyday with joy, confidence and positivity thanks to you. Thank you so much for the insight you provided of my compatibility with my partner. Things seem to make more sense now of the way we are feeling and chemistry we have for each other. Thank you so much GiGi!

R.C. – London, England

Your reading has been has awesome revelation as i am realizing so much more about myself that i hadn't known previously! Everyday is a learning curve :) Your explanation couldn't about my current situation couldn't be more perfect & accurate. Thank you again for your wise words and your kind nature to make things clear to me. You have helped me understand that i do have the ability to make things happen and achieve all that i have ever dreamed of in this lifetime.

P.V. – Wellington, New Zealand

I just want to say the last few months since you did my reading have been amazing, you gave me the courage to take a massive leap of faith and though the last few months have been hard, everything is starting to manifest perfectly for me. I still listen to the tape you did for me anytime I feel myself starting to doubt my purpose or ability! Thank you so much for your help. It has been invaluable to me!

S.H. – Auckland, New Zealand